Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yesterday, Scott was given tickets to see Wake and Georgia Tech play - and graciously invited Stephen and me to go, along with Diane! (Don was not feeling well...)

We had a lot of fun and Wake played well! We were about 20 points ahead the whole game! The final score was 87-69! Go Deacs!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pictures coming soon...hopefully!

Hey! We have actually done some exciting things since posting Christmas lists! :-D I was waiting until I uploaded some pictures - but I guess those can continue to wait! :)

The week of New Year's we spent a few days at the beach! December offers great hotel rates and decent weather!! We had a lot of fun! It was good to get away!

February 7th-10th the Manns went to visit the Manns! Brian and Andrea are in Houston and have a new addition! Little Elliot Zachary!!! Elliot is very chill and Ethan (their 3 year old) is super sweet (he really likes the sound of my name so I got to hear "Aunt Correne" alot - it was cute!). We got to go to NASA while we were there, too, which was a cool experience!

Valentine's Day was special! Stephen got up before I did and (due to the fact that I sleep until something/someone wakes me up) he & Bella were able to go to Krispy Kreme to pick up some heart-shaped donuts, then he got roses, chocolates and a really soft stuffed bear - he set it all up on the kitchen table with a card! So thoughtful!!!! I just got him some of his favorite candy and a card :)

Well,...I will work on posting pictures!

Until next time...stay classy Winston Salem...