Thursday, March 26, 2009

And We're Back...

The 'fun weekends' haven't stopped!! Two weekends ago Stephen led worship for a middle school snow tubing retreat! He enjoyed snow tubing while Bella and I enjoyed girl-time! Bella is notorious for pouting when Stephen is gone for more than a few hours, and she didn't disappoint :) She just moped around and slept - which was fine with me!!
This past weekend we got to go to Atlanta and hang out with some friends! We got the nickel tour of the area, had lots of fun at The World of Coke (pictured above), enjoyed tapas at a hoppin' place downtown, and ended our stay attending North Point! We really enjoyed our time and the drive down and back wasn't too bad (easy for me to say since I slept a good bit on the way back!).

I'm looking forward to the new Krispy Kreme store opening this weekend!! Since I am on their email list (okay - so I love donuts!), Stephen and I got a special invitation that we must have in hand in order to partake in one free item from the menu! It doesn't get any better than that! :)
So,...there you go! snow tubing, atlanta and krispy is good :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Weekends!

Well, February 28th we went to Troy and had a good time with my family - we were slaughtered in a game of Cranium, but it was a lot of fun! March 8th we not only enjoyed the AMAZING weather, but also enjoyed the 'Bold' service at Green Street Baptist in High Point. Stephen played bass for both services - everything went well!

The spring-like weather has inspired some spring cleaning!! I've cleaned out the garage, the linen closet, & the top of the closet in the spare bedroom! I hope my 'cleaning mood' lasts another few days! That would be GREAT!

Well - that's all for now!!! Until next time, Correne.