Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So, I decided to write a little update since I now understand that there are two people who look at the site :) (hi, Lindsey and Brie!) We've had lots of fun stuff happen in the last little bit! Of course, my birthday was one!! Stephen did a great job putting together a little celebration! I received very thoughtful gifts...including a bicycle from Stephen! Unfortunately, after asembling the bike, we noticed a few problems and decided it should go back. So I have ordered an ESV bible instead!! I am really excited about it! Salem Chapel uses ESV, so I guess I'll be 'official' now! I hope to put my new name on it, too!!
I also started a cake decorating class on my birthday!! (Thank you Lindsey!!) I am taking it with Stephen's mom, and we are having a lot of fun. Of course Dianne has the experience of birthday cakes for 3 kids over the last 32 years, so she is considerably better than I am,...but I'm getting there! The picture is of my second cake :)
Well,...I hope this update will be sufficient for now :) I am hoping to get some pictures from the LifeGroup 'girls night out'! We went out for my birthday and had a great time! When I get those pics I'll update again! (No pressure Amanda!)