Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TN Updates!

Greetings, one and all - from Johnson City, Tennessee!! Things are going well...and as of today we are officially settled! What made it 'official' you may ask? Well -after 19 long days of waiting, we finally have internet access!! :)

We've really been enjoying our time here so far! The people are very welcoming and friendly ... and the views...w o w! We actually have a decent mountain view from our kitchen and bedroom windows!

Everything has been pretty fast-paced for Stephen at his new job as the Worship Arts Pastor @ Grace Fellowship! He was fortunate enough to have a couple of Sundays to be a part of the congregation and get a feel for things before he started leading last week!

Bella Rose is doing very well :) She is, of course, on that has obviously helped, but - she's found her little spots around the house and has definitely made herself at home! There's an awesome park right down the road from us and we've gone a couple of times to walk/run around! She's also a big fan of the local PetSmart store! We've walked up and down the isles of that store many times already!

Stephen and I have joined a Community Group with other couples our age and are going through the book 'Radical.' After just one chapter we are anxiously anticipating what will come of our time together as a group!

I'm still looking for a job - which will be much easier now with this whole internet thing! :) Stephen and I have been looking through real estate booklets, circling houses to check out!

I feel like we are starting to really settle in a little.

Thank you so much for your prayers...

Until next time,