Monday, June 23, 2008


Correne and I have had more fun on a Saturday. She had been having pain in her stomach since Wed. but didn't know what it was. Finally, it got so bad Saturday morning that we had to cancel our trip to Troy to see her parents and go to the ER. We waited for about 40 minutes (not bad) and then she had some blood work done and then a CT scan.
Soon after, they came back with the news that we feared but kind of expected---the appendix needs to come out. Within probably 30 minutes, she was in the pre-op room answering questions about anesthesia. I grabbed dinner and came back to a wife who was in serious pain and dry heaving after a few ice chips.
Saturday night was pretty rough, but Sunday was much better. Now we're at home, and I'm playing the role of nurse. At least there's no changing of the bedpan.

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mohohens said...

So sorry to hear about that! But very glad she is okay. Thank God for modern medicine!