Friday, July 25, 2008

Purple boot

Well, I am feeling much better since surgery - and in celebration I have enjoyed some quality time with my pup! Wednesday, during my lunch break, I decided it would be fun to chase Bella around the living room (that is her favorite thing in the world)! After several laps around the couch, I got a little too close to the wall. I nailed the wall with my left foot. Stephen and I heard a noise that sounded somewhat like a 'crack' - and I was speechless!!! I tried to walk it off, but that was not happening! So, I propped it up and put a bag of frozen peas on it. Then Stephen was kind enough to find his crutches and I was off to work - which is where everyone who has ever broken a toe, confirmed that I had broken mine! I didn't plan to go to the Dr. except that I had some really weird I went and was told that I had a fracture that went up the center of the bone! I was given a 'post-op shoe' (yeah...I know you want one!) and told to wear it for 4 weeks! At that time I will go in for another x-ray to be sure everything has healed up properly!
I guess I'll have to find another game to play with Bella Rose! :)

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