Monday, April 13, 2009

Lou came over Thursday to spend the weekend! He and Bella wore each other out! They had lots of fun inside, but not as much as outside!!In the first picture Bella got to the ball first, but was soon disappointed to find that Lou didn't really care! We had them hooked to each end of our 50' rope! They stayed within 50 feet of each other the whole time! :) :)

In the second picture they are chasing after Stephen! They did this for quite some time until Stephen could no longer run! Poor Lou had to run twice as fast as Bella to keep up,...but as you can see - he was able to hold his own!! :)

This last picture captures the peace in our home after a long day of running and playing! I had to be careful taking this picture, because when I would get out the camera - they both were sure that I was getting something out for them...which would, of course, ruin the moment! (And if you are trying to figure out what is on the is Suze Orman!)

Saturday we did a lot of yard work! I planted flowers around the mailbox, in the hanging basket, along the back of the house and in the island! And I am still in pain from all of that!

Sunday we enjoyed part of 'Easter in the City' held at the coliseum! It was really good! Then, after letting the pooches play just a few minutes longer, we drove to Troy and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by my mom! We had a good time with the family hanging out, talking about...everything :)...watching a movie and taking lots of fun pictures!!! It was a great Easter!

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